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Unearthing the Craftscape

A new generation of scholars and curators are exploring how craft objects are shaped by the forces of history, culture, and society. Call it the “craftscape.”
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More Than a Plate

Ceramist Gregg Moore collaborates with chefs — and the land — to create custom dishes that reflect everything from sustainable farming to police brutality to the Chilean coastline.
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Is Genetic Testing Right for You?

Thinking about having your genome mapped? Consider these six issues first.
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Rethinking Heart Health

New research and progressive practitioners are looking beyond cholesterol for answers.
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What Your Body Is Trying to Tell You, Part 2

How to read the telltale clues of health imbalances — and what to do about them.
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The Cable Guy

An interview with comedian and political comedian Bill Maher.
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Decoding Health Media

Finalist for a Folio award in 2014. I wrote the opening essay and interviewed Michele Simon.
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Desperately Seeking Sidewalks

Could your neighborhood be making you fat?
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Take Your Time

Why our busy nation needs to chill out.
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3 Miracle Cures (That Aren't, Really)

Is functional medicine the future of medicine? Yes, according to these three case studies.
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On Sex and Health

How a healthy, happy sex life supports good health — and vice versa.
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Fitness Redefined

Baby boomers are reshaping expectations when it comes to their personal health and fitness.
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Anjula Razdan

Lead photo credit: Wei Li, who makes "dangerous popsicles" modeled on magnified versions of viruses and bacteria. (L to R: chicken pox, MRSA, HIV, E. coli, influenza).